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If You Loved Me, You Would Read This

I leave for Oakland tomorrow to meet my partners in crime, Amie +ACY-amp+ADs Jared. Yes, we've talked on the phone and had Skype conversations, but this time they'll be close enough to count my pores and grey hairs. Never mind that I'm a sweater. NO, stupid, not like an ugly argyle sweater your grandma … [Read more...]

Because No One Should Have to ‘Come Out’

At 22, I didn't want the real world. I couldn't think about a house, a husband, or kids. I was not ready for the 9-5 job or the post-college life. I had always dreamed of living in Europe, so I began to research study abroad programs for my last year of school. I wanted to go somewhere warm and fun … [Read more...]

Share Your Story: Roberta Zenker

I could not kill myself. I was afraid my wife or children would come home and find me, or what was left of the back of my head splattered on the wall. Yet I could not live with the duality any longer. I was depressed, alcoholic, filled with suicide ideation, hopeless and demoralized. Oh, and there … [Read more...]

Meet the Co-founders Part 3: Jared Karol

14 Years of Ignorance I must have been eight or nine when I was up in LA visiting my dad and his +ACI-roommate,+ACI Ricardo. We were watching the Super Bowl. One of the teams was losing really badly, and I said that the losing team was +ACI-so gay+ACEAIg +ACI-That team is gay? What do you mean?+ACI my dad and … [Read more...]

It’s All About the Name

What's in a name? Everything. Your name leaves the first impression and has the ability to leave a lasting impact. A name can become unique or it can blend into the crowd. Whatever your name, long or short, unique or common, your name defines you. We gave ourselves the name +ACI-The Gay Dad … [Read more...]