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Share Your Story: Dad’s Primal Scream

All of the 'Share Your Story' submissions we've received so far have been people simply sharing their stories with us. This story is a bit different in that the person sharing asks a few questions and asks for our advice. While The Gay Dad Project is not a place where we advise people how to live … [Read more...]

Pride in Oakland

Labor Day weekend was eventful for The Gay Dad Project. Erin, her dad, Larry Best, and Aime's dad, Pete Shea, all flew out to California to meet for the first time. Jared and his wife, Erica, graciously hosted everyone for drinks and snacks on Saturday afternoon, and we all got to know each … [Read more...]

Recognizing My Privilege and Sharing My Power

A few weeks ago, I got a chat message on Facebook from a friend who I hadn't seen since high school. She said, +ACI-Jared, are you gay? Just curious. Because that's all you seem to post.+ACI I told her, no, I wasn't gay, but my dad was. Clearly, she hadn't been reading any of the pieces I'd shared on my … [Read more...]

Share Your Story: Dayle

In hindsight, I realize my attraction to females started around the same time adolescence started. I became just as uncomfortable around the pretty girls as I was around the cute boys. I rationalized it at the time by calling it envy. I remember having a dream where I kissed a girl when I was … [Read more...]