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The time from the end of November to early January is a challenging time for me. I really want to be happy and enjoy the season, but I almost always find myself struggling in some way. photo credit Growing up, Christmas break meant our entire family was under one roof for an extended … [Read more...]

The Gay Dad Project Share Your Story: Robert L. Morgan

My name is Robert L. Morgan. I'm a gay dad with two sons. Raised in small-town Indiana in a Pentecostal minister's home, I attended college in Lakeland, Florida and became a preacher upon graduating in 1983. My dream was to carry the banner for family and faith in such a way that I would make both … [Read more...]

Breaking the Religious Barriers

I????????m not a very religious person. It????????s not that I haven????????t been exposed to religion or that I haven????????t thought a lot about it. In my early childhood I spent many Sundays at Catholic Church. I was baptized as a baby, I made my first communion in first grade, and I spent … [Read more...]

Shades of Gay

When my dad came out of the closet I was 15, just discovering my own identity and dealing with all the hormones those awkward years bring about. But his revelation surprised me and turned everything I thought I knew upside down. If he could be married to my mom for 20 years and still be queer, I … [Read more...]

Erin, Jared, and Amie talk about The Gay Dad Project (Video)

The video was taken in September 2012 when all three of us were in Oakland. … [Read more...]