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The New Orleans HRC Gala

On Saturday, June 15, I spent Father's Day Eve with my dad on stage in front of a few hundred people at the Human Rights Campaign's 21st Annual Gala in New Orleans.??It was both an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an incredible event, let alone share a slice of my story, and even tell … [Read more...]

The New Orleans HRC Gala!

credit??(go here to learn more about HRC +ACY-amp+ADs its logo+ACE) As I may have mentioned several times, I'm attending the 21st Annual HRC New Orleans Gala this Saturday, June 15th at 6:00 p.m. My gay dad and I will be lucky enough to grace stage for a few minutes, and while I'm eager to speak at the … [Read more...]

“Can you suggest some tips for parents coming out to children?”

This request recently came to us from a straight spouse: +ACI-Could someone do a blog post with suggestions on how to tell children that one parent is gay? My wife is gay and she's moving in with her girlfriend soon with my children. I fully support my kids' mom in being who she really is and I adore … [Read more...]

Advocating for Acceptance

A few weeks ago I was talking about The Gay Dad Project with one of my friends when I said, +ACI-I don't think it's okay to tell people how to live their lives.+ACI +ACI-But aren't you telling people how to live their lives?+ACI my friend questioned me. +ACI-No,+ACI I said as I began to really think about what … [Read more...]