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Share Your Story Alison: I don’t blame my dad (anymore)

THANK YOU for starting this project+ACEAIQ My mom died in 1988. My dad died in 2007. After his death we found evidence that he had been gay. It explained a lot about the weird relationship he and my mom appeared to have. It also explained a lot about the relationships I had tried to have with men... I … [Read more...]

Listening To Other Mothers

I'm not always sure what words to use to when describing my relationship with my mother. Right now 'confusing' feels like the most accurate with 'strained' also feeling appropriate. On one hand I love my mother, I know she worked incredibly hard to make sure her children were raised with more … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Patsy: “I’m not sorry”

Dear Dad, If I can send a helium balloon into the universe each year on the day of your death, I figure I can send you an email also. The far-reaching tendrils of the internet just might have gotten to you by now. It has been over 19 years since I whispered goodbye in your ear and held your hand … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Alex: I Do It With a Smile

My name is Alex and I am 20 years old. When I was nine my parents got a divorce after being married for 12 years and conceiving four daughters. I am the oldest of the four. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and I am part of a huge modern-orthodox Syrian Jewish community. The reason that my … [Read more...]

NEW Clip From Our Documentary!

We're excited to share with you a clip we filmed in February when Amie and her dad, Pete, came to Kansas City. This footage explains who we are and why we started this project. This is the second clip we've released+ADs the first was??a brief snippet of my mother, the straight spouse, that we … [Read more...]