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Human Rights Campaign : Erin Speaks at HRC in New Orleans

In June I had the honor of being asked to speak alongside my dad at HRC's New Orleans 21st Annual Gala. If you're not familiar with HRC (Human Rights Campaign), please visit their site here.??My dad has long been an HRC Federal Club Member, and I recently joined my local Kansas City HRC … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Ali Dubin: There are Thousands and Thousands of Us

Father's Day, 1984... I was 13. Dad sat us down under a tree at the beach. I knew something was up because he hated the beach. Clearly he wanted us to be in a place that made us happy. I sat next to my six year-old sister while Dad told us he was gay. Rather than being a shock, it actually made the … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Mike: A son’s story

I stumbled on The Gay Dad Project while surfing I noticed that none of your stories come from the sons of a gay father. So here is mine. My parents divorced when I was young. My sister, mother, and I stayed in our hometown+ADs my father moved to a different state. We saw him three or … [Read more...]

The Gay Dad Project Birthday Par-TAY!

This week is a big one for The Gay Dad Project. One year ago, on August 8, 2012, we officially launched our website without knowing what would follow. It's been an incredible roller coaster of ups, downs, and all arounds. Here are some of the highlights+ACE In the beginning there were three - Erin, … [Read more...]