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The Gay Dad Project: A Place for Families to Talk When a Parent Comes Out

My dad didn't officially 'come out' to me until I was in college. I figured out he was gay when I was in high school. Having a big gay elephant in my life meant I had to navigate tricky roads and walk fine lines for many years. photo credit I found myself wondering if people would hate me … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Erin Crowley: Kids Have to Come Out Too

When I was 13, my mom told me that she was gay. My parents had divorced a few years prior and Mom and I were going through a lot together. The biggest changes of all were due to the fact that I was a teenager and my own world was changing. I stole my poor mom's thunder during an arbitrary … [Read more...]

Love – Whatever That Is

+ACY-nbsp+ADs My dad is a writer. I know this by the letters he often sends me ??(yes, my dad is old school and very much a fan of snail mail). In college it was the annual birthday card and sometimes an unexpected fall or spring letter. In grad school (when I lived in Sweden) I got the … [Read more...]

Michelle Burdick: Why I Am a Straight Ally

Occasionally people ask me, +ACI-Why are you so outspoken about gay rights?+ACI My response is usually, +ACI-Well, replace the word +ACI-gay+ACI with +ACI-human.+ACI BAM+ACE That could be the end of the discussion right there. What human wouldn't empathize with human rights? I've also been asked if I'm a lesbian or … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Elizabeth Collins: True Understanding

I was 11. My mom drives me home from a friend's house. At home, there is a large moving truck outside. Me: What's going on? Mom: We're moving to Texas tonight. Me: Does dad know? Mom: No. Me: Can I call him? Mom: No. Photo I am infuriated. I love my dad so much. I know … [Read more...]