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This Gay Dad’s Perspective

+ACoAKg-This is my dad's response to my last two posts, which you can read here: ??What I Don't Know and An Open Letter To My Dad. For those who don't know me, I thought I'd provide a little background information. My childhood was less than happy. It was characterized by alienation and anxiety caused … [Read more...]

The Gay Dad Project at Salon LGBTQ

I'm back in California, Erin is back in Kansas, and I can hardly sit still after our phenomenal weekend in Atlanta for the Salon LGBTQ Social Media Conference. We attended many informative and moving presentations. The people there amazed me with their strength, courage, and overall awesomeness (see … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to My Dad

+ACoAKg-As many of you may already know, my last post here generated some heated discussion in the comments. We eventually had to turn them off and delete many. Unfortunately, there were hurt feelings all around. What follows is a letter to my dad, whom I finally spoke with yesterday. I want to make this … [Read more...]