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Meeting Chely Wright, Founder of LikeMe Lighthouse

I recently had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser at Kansas City's own Folly Theater, where Chely Wright, founder of LikeMe Lighthouse, hosted an incredible show including the likes of Margaret Cho, John Fugelsang, Judy Gold, and Jim Short. When tickets went on sale several months ago, I … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Jeff & Jennifer: We will remain a family

At some point the camel???s back has to break and it did for me on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012. After some difficult conversations and soul-searching, I realized?? I'd been repressing feelings and thoughts throughout my entire life. It took me 45 years to admit to myself that I am gay: the three … [Read more...]

Share Your Story January: The Pain is Now Cut in Half

I stumbled across The Gay Dad Project on one of my news feeds. I went to the website and was shocked that there were others out there like me. I was overwhelmed.??I checked out a few stories, then took a break to digest it all. A few weeks later I returned to the site and read more.That???s when … [Read more...]

The Benefits of The Gay Dad Project : Patsy Shelton

It amazes me how the tiniest bit happenstance can affect one???s life so drastically+ACE Several months ago, I received a message from an old high school friend whom I haven???t seen in years. She's a blogger and a Facebook friend, and she sent me a private message about meeting a couple of women … [Read more...]