Archives for March 2016

Through My Father’s Eyes

I was a nonverbal child until I was around three years old. My grandmother kept sounding an alarm, even suggesting I might be +ACI-retarded.+ACI My father pushed back, in no uncertain terms. +ACI-Laurie is fine,+ACI he said. I loved that about him. He always knew I was fine. +ACI-When I carried you … [Read more...]

You, Me and Laughter

+ACI-Stardust, that is what we are made of,+ACI my dad would say when I was little and?? questioning the world around me. Dad always had a way of simplifying the big picture. Maybe because like so much of the world around him, the answer on the inside was simple, an elemental truth. His natural childlike … [Read more...]

My Ride With Dad

I am sitting on Dad's lap in the photo that was taken at KiddieLand, an iconic children's amusement park that stood for 80 years in the town where he grew up. I don't remember the picture being taken, although I assume it was taken by my mother. My younger sister was likely beside her, sitting in a … [Read more...]

Dad Was Always There for the Big Stuff

My dad was always there for the big stuff, like my brothers graduation from Chiropractic College. He was also at the after party held at the house I grew up in with my mom, after she split from Dad in the late 60???s. The party took place on an early June night in 1995, a warm one for Iowa, … [Read more...]

My Dad, the Fish, and Me.

Dad and I are poised in front of the wood paneling that covers the wall from our living room to the kitchen in the two-bedroom home our family of three shares. I think it's February, which means I am about 6 months old. All of the rooms in our tiny home seem to run together ??? from front to back. … [Read more...]