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The Big Family Secret Was No Big Deal

When my son, Zachary, was 7 months old I took him to San Francisco to meet his grandfather. My dad didn't want to be called Grandpa so we tried Granddad for a while, but eventually it was Grandfather that stuck. There was nothing but pure joy during our wonderful visit. What made it sweeter still … [Read more...]

The Unlived Lives of Our Parents

I am 38 weeks pregnant. My doctor thinks I could give birth any day now. Having a child was a big decision for my husband and me. We had a happy and healthy relationship. Why rock the boat? Being the child of a parent that came out as a gay later in life has made me afraid that someday I too will … [Read more...]

Conscious From The Start

The moment I became pregnant with my son Oliver in 1997, I knew I would parent differently. His world would be changed because of the way I was brought up. He would have two grandpas, in a sense, because my dad had a partner. It didn't mean it would be easy for me or that I wasn't anxious about the … [Read more...]

Parenting …

Parenting. It feels a little odd to me to write about this topic as I am not yet??a parent myself. I can come up with all kinds of hopes and dreams about what I think parenting will be like, but parenting - like life, is something that cannot really be predicted. I might think I want three kids, a … [Read more...]