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Meeting Dad’s Boyfriend

The 30-something me in this photo smiled for my mother. Yet underneath that smile was an anxious young woman carrying her father's deep secret. Dad, then in his late 60s, had come out to me ten years earlier. I'd pushed him to admit he'd been unfaithful to my mother, with other women I … [Read more...]

Meeting The Men In Dad’s Life

Meeting Dad's new boyfriend was never easy for me. The first one, Terry, was when I was only 13 and I didn't know him more than as a friend of my dad's. We probably met over the passenger seat of Dad's car as I piled into the back with my little sister, heading to a bowling alley or out for lunch on … [Read more...]

Dad’s Partners

My dad had two long-term gay partners in his lifetime. He said he was lucky in that way because some people never get that -- ever. His first partner Jim was his partner long before I knew he was one. When I met him I was probably 5 years old and he was presented as a roommate. It wasn't until … [Read more...]

The Change

Dad comes out, process. Dad is still the same person he was two seconds ago, process. Weeks, months later, trying to figure out the different-ness of it all, process. This is pretty much the way things went for the first year and a half after my dad came out in 1998. Processing, lots and lots of … [Read more...]

Meeting Dad’s New Boyfriend

It's probably about 4 pm. Before dinner and just after we've been to Indian Days in Browning. It's the second week in July and it feels hot outside, even though the air looks gray and hazy. I love the long, hot summer days in Montana. Every time I come home I am reminded how much I miss these days. … [Read more...]