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#icangive: Healing Love & Light

Sitting down to write this month's post has been as hard, or harder, than writing anything else lately because when I'm not working I can't seem to do anything but focus on the terrifying events that have been happening in the world around us. I am paralyzed in front of MSNBC as the images stream … [Read more...]

#icangive: A Big Deal To Me

Orlando will never be the same in my mind after what occurred in early June. I'm affected by the shooting regardless of where I live, regardless of the fact that I am not gay. I am forever changed because the LGBT family is my community. Some 7 years ago I decided to dig deep into my family … [Read more...]

#icangive: Transmitting my Family’s Experience

Times feel scary for many of us right now. Terrorism, violence, hate crimes, all amplified through their real-time dissemination on social media, keep us on edge. What can we do? For LGBT people who've lived with targets on their backs, times have generally felt scary. The slaying of 49 … [Read more...]

#icangive: Leading by example

So much of the hatred in our world is from the fear of the unknown. ??Fear of things others haven't had the opportunity??understand. ??Fear of people and situations that are different from their??own, be it LGBTQ, race, religion, social status, income, gender. Never has that been more evident than … [Read more...]

What Can I Give?

I'm finding writing to be difficult this month. I want to retreat to an isolated place and pretend the outside world doesn't exist. The past few weeks felt overwhelming as Pride month ramped up and then 49 people lost their lives in Orlando due to hate and discrimination. This last week I watched … [Read more...]