Dear Dad – We’ve Come A Long Way

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Photo: Emily Shea




Dear Dad –

I remember our first Pride celebration together in Sweden eight years ago. You mentioned that you never thought you would see something like this in your lifetime as we watched the nearly 50,000 rainbow people march and dance through the streets of Stockholm. I think there were almost one million spectators who came out for the event – roughly 1/9 of Sweden’s entire population. I’m glad you got to experience that.

You look like a rainbow warrior now – finally visible and seen. Sometimes it’s crazy to think how much has changed in both of our lifetimes. Today most people recognize that being gay (or lesbian or any variation of the LGBT rainbow) is no different than being straight, that it’s not a choice or a phase. I guess it’s easy to forget how quickly things have changed. You always say that when you were growing up being gay was illegal, immoral, and a (classified) mental illness. It makes me happy that most people now recognize the harm of conversion therapy (and some places have actually banned the therapy practice on minors). We have marriage equality and are slowing working towards a more inclusive society that protects LGBT people. (As it should.) It’s still rough sometimes, but I think we are getting there.

I hope we have many more Pride celebrations together.




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  1. Amie,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your kind words for your old dad. I agree that we’ve come a long way and that we still have things to do, but it certainly has got better. In fact, it’s difficult to remember the old days when I felt like I had to keep my separate worlds from colliding. I think one of the best results is that we can have conversations and live our lives without having to mention the word “gay” because it is such a normal part of life now.
    Best wishes.

  2. Larry Best says:

    Perfect! Congrats to your both

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