I am in LA. It is around 2013. I am standing alone on a stage in a small theatre. I am at an open mic for standup comedians. The lights are so bright I can't make out anyone's face. I am waiting for feedback from the audience. I have just told a joke about my father for the millionth time to a room … [Read more...]

Sisters From Other Gay Misters

I want to say meeting another person with a gay dad is like looking into a mirror, but even in a mirror I cannot properly see myself. It???s more like finding out your father has this other family and now you???re meeting relatives you did not know you had. You are different people with different … [Read more...]

Meeting Others and #FindingCommunity

Have you ever met someone at a party and realized the two of you are addicted to the same random TV show that no one else watches but you? You then get so excited because you finally get to share all the pent up feelings you???ve had about that show and now get to discuss the intricate details of … [Read more...]

Awkward Thanksgiving

As of last year Thanksgiving got awkward. Before last year, Thanksgiving was something my husband and I did with our friends, not our family. My family, because of the lack there of, has a tendency to create new families out of friends. But last year for the first time in almost twenty years, my … [Read more...]

Young Elizabeth, You are not broken.

+ACY-nbsp+ADs You Are Not Broken Dearest Elizabeth, You actually already know that you are not broken. In fact you think you are pretty fabulous. But, there is a part of you that doubts it and that part of you pretty much eats you alive for the next twenty years. At the time you are reading … [Read more...]