I Too Had A Closet

I officially entered my closet around my 13th birthday. Unknowingly I probably entered even earlier. I saw signs and clues that my dad was different, that my family make up was breaking societal and religious rules. It was then that I began to understand what was unacceptable to others. I understood … [Read more...]

Voicing My Stories

I started writing my family stories with intension around 2010. The contents were grounded in what I kept secret for most of my life: my dad was gay. My kids were rounding out elementary school and I was having a hard time weaving my dad into my family's social world. It became tricky as my kids … [Read more...]

Gay Dad Kid Sisterhood

In the fall of 2014 I was struggling to find my footing. It had been eight months since my dad passed away and a plethora of feelings were surging. In early November I flew to Palm Springs to meet with my dad's partner of 16 years to help him clear out some of Dad's things. Jim had decided to sell … [Read more...]

Uncommonly Good Family

I am lucky enough to have several forms of family in??my life. The first is obvious, the one I was born into. By the time I was two we were uncommon, and didn???t live together. I didn't have a firm grasp on why we didn't for years, and I didn???t question it. Instead I looked beyond what it meant: … [Read more...]

Dear Stephanie, Stronger Than You Know

Dear ??Stephanie, The most important message I can send you is that you are stronger than you know. I also know it seems the world is crashing down around you, that life feels dismal at times, even hopeless. It???s 1983 and you feel alone, buried in your taboo family secrets???but you are not … [Read more...]