Dear Dad – We’ve Come A Long Way

+ACY-nbsp+ADs +ACY-nbsp+ADs +ACY-nbsp+ADs +ACY-nbsp+ADs Dear Dad - I remember our first Pride celebration together in Sweden eight years ago. You mentioned that you never thought you would see something like this in your lifetime as we watched the nearly 50,000 rainbow people march and dance through the … [Read more...]

Progress Is In the Details

Something happened during the commercial break, as people were touching up my makeup and tugging on my clothes. Someone said, bring her dad up here at what felt like the same time as someone else pulled my dad from the audience and brought him backstage. He was already mic-ed, because he was going … [Read more...]

What Is Your Closet?

Our writing topic this month is 'the closet.' The past few weeks, in the back of my mind, I've been pondering what the closet means to me, how having to be closeted has shaped me, and even what other people's closets look like. Then, last Wednesday, I went to my first Elton John concert. It was … [Read more...]

Why I Still Write …

I hide my red puffy eyes behind big sun glasses. It's cloudy and rainy but because it's San Diego sun glasses are always appropriate. I drive to Borders books in Mission Valley because I need to be away from campus. It's finals week but I am consumed with grief and confusion as I do my best to … [Read more...]

The Parts Now Seen

+ACY-nbsp+ADs It's hard to explain what it feels like to meet another 'kid' for the first time. A sea of uncontrolled questions usually flow out, +ACI-Did you know?+ACI +ACI-When did your dad come out?+ACI +ACI-Did he have boyfriends?+ACI +ACI-How about your mom?+ACI The past five years have been filled with these moments. The … [Read more...]