A healing dance

Mom and Dad dancing. Yes, dancing. That's where my healing happened. September 22, 2007, Eduardo and I's wedding day. One of the happiest and most nerve wracking days of my life. Here we were at our reception, basking in the afterglow that we had made it through our ceremony, our first dance, … [Read more...]

To Write is to Heal, Resist, and Love

I have been a storyteller since I was a very young girl. I would recount funny, ridiculous, sad and happy stories to my family and friends for as long as I can remember. If you could ask my mom, she would regale you with the many times I have made her laugh hysterically with my tales of old … [Read more...]

Family is Unorthodox

My family is small+ADs just my parents and my younger sister and I. Four very strong personalities, who at times have difficulty being in the same room together, yet still have an immense love for each other. ??Family was a complicated ideal for me. One I had tried to perfect and control for as long as … [Read more...]

Dear Casey, You Were Meant For This

Dear Casey, Hold on tight, lean in, you were meant for this. It all seems just a little bit too crazy right now, but trust me the lessons you are learning at this precise moment are going to be your life???s work. More than you can ever imagine. I know you just found out dad is gay and that … [Read more...]

#icangive: Leading by example

So much of the hatred in our world is from the fear of the unknown. ??Fear of things others haven't had the opportunity??understand. ??Fear of people and situations that are different from their??own, be it LGBTQ, race, religion, social status, income, gender. Never has that been more evident than … [Read more...]