“Can you suggest some tips for parents coming out to children?”

This request recently came to us from a straight spouse: +ACI-Could someone do a blog post with suggestions on how to tell children that one parent is gay? My wife is gay and she's moving in with her girlfriend soon with my children. I fully support my kids' mom in being who she really is and I adore … [Read more...]

Dear Gay Dad Project: Do you have a Gay Dad Project UK?

Dear Erin and Amie, My name is Bryony Carter and I'm writing from the UK. Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you at GDP. It's a fantastic resource and a joy to find. I'm writing to you to see if you can help me with something. If I explain a little of the back story it might … [Read more...]

Gillian & Steven respond to Michael’s Letter

The following comments are in response to Michael's letter. Steven:?? Micheal, I don???t think you need to wait until you have a partner. My father told me at home because my mother thought it was best we knew. When my dad told my sister and I we saw the relief in is face. There are … [Read more...]

Dear Gay Dad Project: “Should I come out to my kids now or wait until I have a partner?”

I am a 42 year-old divorced father of two and yes, I am gay+ACE Proudly embracing that fact now. I am out to all of my friends and coworkers but not my children. I happened across this site and I'm in desperate need of advice. My ex-wife knows I'm gay and has for some time+ADs she does not feel the kids … [Read more...]

Letter from Anonymous

Dear Erin, I thought about you and your project yesterday for two reasons. First, I received a booklet and information on creating a +ACI-safe place+ACI for LGBT youth. As you may or may not know, I'm a middle school counselor in north Georgia. Bible Belt doesn't begin to describe things here at … [Read more...]