A Home for My Pride

June??is National LGBT Pride Month. Given the complexity of my family's story, I've??been asking myself what pride means to me. First, some background. My father (1918-2008) may have attended the first gay pride parade in San Francisco, which was really more of a march. That smaller version of … [Read more...]

Jennifer Hunt: How Did You Not Know?

+ACI-How did you not know?+ACI The million dollar question. Still brings a twinge of pain every single time, even all these years later. Maybe I did, somewhere in the depths of my mind, know that something about the man that was first my best friend, my husband, father of my children and now soon to be … [Read more...]

Pride in Stockholm

The parade starts at one, but I told Dad we should be here much earlier. I want to make sure we snag a good spot to take in all the action. Sergelstorg is the most central public square in Stockholm and people buzz to and from as a shiny DJ with a bright hat spins fast, poppy dance tunes on … [Read more...]

The Change

Dad comes out, process. Dad is still the same person he was two seconds ago, process. Weeks, months later, trying to figure out the different-ness of it all, process. This is pretty much the way things went for the first year and a half after my dad came out in 1998. Processing, lots and lots of … [Read more...]

Parenting from the closet

When I picked up the phone that evening, I didn't hear??my father???s normally measured voice. Instead, it was loud and animated. +ACI-What is it, Dad???? The year was 1985. I hoped Jody, my 15-year-old daughter, was okay. She was spending a few weeks with her grandparents on the San Francisco … [Read more...]