And John Is My Boyfriend

This post is a follow up to Tom Is My Friend. So now I???m a couple months shy of my fifteenth birthday and I have a gay dad for the first time in my life. Of course I???ve had a gay dad for almost fifteen years, but since I didn???t know that until now. . . well, you can see how it was going to … [Read more...]

Tom Is My Friend

Editor's note: Jared stepped down from his official Gay Dad Project duties a few short weeks ago, but we are happy to welcome him back as a contributor with this piece. +ACY-nbsp+ADs I get off the plane and walk through the tunnel that connects to the terminal. My dad and his friend Tom are waiting … [Read more...]

Share Your Story: Dad’s Primal Scream

All of the 'Share Your Story' submissions we've received so far have been people simply sharing their stories with us. This story is a bit different in that the person sharing asks a few questions and asks for our advice. While The Gay Dad Project is not a place where we advise people how to live … [Read more...]

Recognizing My Privilege and Sharing My Power

A few weeks ago, I got a chat message on Facebook from a friend who I hadn't seen since high school. She said, +ACI-Jared, are you gay? Just curious. Because that's all you seem to post.+ACI I told her, no, I wasn't gay, but my dad was. Clearly, she hadn't been reading any of the pieces I'd shared on my … [Read more...]