Dear Laura, Nothing’s Wrong With You

Dear 17-year-old Laura, I know you're having a hard time right now. What's worse, you don't understand why. After all, you're getting good grades at school. You've been accepted at UC Santa Barbara for next fall. You're kind of cute. Boys are interested in you. You're interested in … [Read more...]

Dear January, Better Than You Imagine

+ACY-nbsp+ADs Dear 17 year-old January, It will be better than you imagine. You???ve known for a few years now that your dad is gay. You aren???t sure what to think - you try to ignore it, hide it and live in shame. Mom and Dad??are just getting divorced, your world is a little crazy. Keep rolling … [Read more...]

Dear Casey, You Were Meant For This

Dear Casey, Hold on tight, lean in, you were meant for this. It all seems just a little bit too crazy right now, but trust me the lessons you are learning at this precise moment are going to be your life???s work. More than you can ever imagine. I know you just found out dad is gay and that … [Read more...]

Dear Lisa, Dad Does Love You

+ACY-nbsp+ADs Dear Lisa, What a tumultuous time you are having in this, the 18th year of your life. You have so much passion in you, and so much rage, which you will come to learn in time is simply fear. Those days when you were little in the house on Elder Lane felt so warm and cozy. You were … [Read more...]

Dear Stephanie, Stronger Than You Know

Dear ??Stephanie, The most important message I can send you is that you are stronger than you know. I also know it seems the world is crashing down around you, that life feels dismal at times, even hopeless. It???s 1983 and you feel alone, buried in your taboo family secrets???but you are not … [Read more...]