For Me, There is No Question

+ACY-nbsp+ADs Recently a closeted man said to me, +ACI-It would have been better for you if your father had never came out to you.+ACI I've had a lot of interesting or ignorant or hurtful things said to me in relation to the fact that my father was gay, but none of them made my whole body burn and want to … [Read more...]

January: I Envy The Honesty

Do you wish your dad had come out to you? +ACY-nbsp+ADs This has been a question I've heard more than once and I'm not really sure what the answer should be. +ACY-nbsp+ADs My father has been gone for nearly 20 years. Although I was aware he was gay, we never got the chance to talk about any of this. … [Read more...]

Finding the Path

+ACI-Do you wish your dad had come out to you sooner?+ACI It's a question I have been asked often and a question I have been pondering more lately as I piece together interviews from my family. The question feels a little like a dance with the devil. A dance that leads to a deep dark rabbit hole, but I … [Read more...]

I Would Rather Know

Should I tell my children? That is a question I have been asked by a number of gay men over the years who are closeted in straight marriages in repressive cultures and do not plan on leaving their wives. The conversations go something like this: What if my children find out from someone else, … [Read more...]

Hey Dad, Happy Pride

Hey Dad, It was Father's Day last week, and Mark and I were in France after a couple weeks in Italy. I thought of you while I walked along the French Riviera in search of some shade, thinking you would appreciate the beauty for about five minutes then complain of the heat and look for an air … [Read more...]