Hey Dad, Happy Pride

Hey Dad, It was Father's Day last week, and Mark and I were in France after a couple weeks in Italy. I thought of you while I walked along the French Riviera in search of some shade, thinking you would appreciate the beauty for about five minutes then complain of the heat and look for an air … [Read more...]

True Gay Pride

Gay pride hasn't been acknowledged, let alone celebrated, in my family. Coming from the Midwestern suburbs of Chicago, my dad being gay was a secret, not something to be proud of. Before I moved to San Francisco in 1982, I encountered very few gay people in my daily life. I worked with a young … [Read more...]

Michelle Burdick: Why I Am a Straight Ally

Occasionally people ask me, +ACI-Why are you so outspoken about gay rights?+ACI My response is usually, +ACI-Well, replace the word +ACI-gay+ACI with +ACI-human.+ACI BAM+ACE That could be the end of the discussion right there. What human wouldn't empathize with human rights? I've also been asked if I'm a lesbian or … [Read more...]