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Here at The Gay Dad Project we like stories. We like to tell them. We like to hear them. We like to read them. And we want you to be able to share them. We want to hear from children of a gay parent, from gay parents themselves, from straight spouses who were married to a gay parent, from friends, family members, and colleagues who are connected in any way to the unique family situation where one parent is gay.

We envision this page being doubly beneficial: 1) as an opportunity for you to share your story in a safe, welcoming, inclusive community, and 2) as an inspiration to all the people who need to know that there are people out there with similar experiences.

We will publish your story with the name you submit to us (your email will not be published). We prefer to have real names attached to the stories. However, if you are not yet comfortable attaching your real name to your story, you may use “anonymous” or a pseudonym.

Share what you want to share, and share what you feel. All perspectives are welcome, including ones that are questioning or challenging. Whatever your perspective, we ask that you share it with honesty, care, and respect. Any stories that are hateful, hurtful, or threatening will not be published.

For written stories please either fill out the form below or email your final version to:

(You can also send us a YouTube link if you would like to tell your story in a vlog.)

Share Your Story