Meeting Dad’s Boyfriend

The 30-something me in this photo smiled for my mother. Yet underneath that smile was an anxious young woman carrying her father's deep secret. Dad, then in his late 60s, had come out to me ten years earlier. I'd pushed him to admit he'd been unfaithful to my mother, with other women I … [Read more...]

Share Your Story January: The Pain is Now Cut in Half

I stumbled across The Gay Dad Project on one of my news feeds. I went to the website and was shocked that there were others out there like me. I was overwhelmed.??I checked out a few stories, then took a break to digest it all. A few weeks later I returned to the site and read more.That???s when … [Read more...]

The Benefits of The Gay Dad Project : Patsy Shelton

It amazes me how the tiniest bit happenstance can affect one???s life so drastically+ACE Several months ago, I received a message from an old high school friend whom I haven???t seen in years. She's a blogger and a Facebook friend, and she sent me a private message about meeting a couple of women … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Ali Dubin: There are Thousands and Thousands of Us

Father's Day, 1984... I was 13. Dad sat us down under a tree at the beach. I knew something was up because he hated the beach. Clearly he wanted us to be in a place that made us happy. I sat next to my six year-old sister while Dad told us he was gay. Rather than being a shock, it actually made the … [Read more...]

Share Your Story @MomIsALesbian: “They were roommates.”

I???m a 40 year-old straight daughter of a lesbian. My parents divorced when I was two and I was raised by Mom while my brothers were raised by my dad. I admire my mom for making the hard choice to leave two kids behind in order to live the way she knew she needed to. She felt differently about … [Read more...]