We Are Family

There is the family we are born to, and there is the family that we make+ADs in my case, I have always felt more comfortable with the latter. My Midwest suburban upbringing dictated that we stay close by, and maybe someday, raise our own families near our parents. But it never felt like home. The lure … [Read more...]

Defining Pride

Dad didn't march in parades nor did he teach me to march for gay pride. In our family we didn't talk about gay pride much less speak about the fact that Dad was gay. I simply uncovered it in my adolescent years then overflowed with shame. I did so because where I came from in the late 70s being gay … [Read more...]

My Ride With Dad

I am sitting on Dad's lap in the photo that was taken at KiddieLand, an iconic children's amusement park that stood for 80 years in the town where he grew up. I don't remember the picture being taken, although I assume it was taken by my mother. My younger sister was likely beside her, sitting in a … [Read more...]

Share Your Story: John Strauss

+ACY-nbsp+ADs My parents divorced when I was ten. I had no clue why, but I knew they fought a lot while married, and were best friends after the divorce. It was 1969. About three years later, when I was snooping, I found a photograph of my father with his arms around another man I'd never met, and by … [Read more...]