I am in LA. It is around 2013. I am standing alone on a stage in a small theatre. I am at an open mic for standup comedians. The lights are so bright I can't make out anyone's face. I am waiting for feedback from the audience. I have just told a joke about my father for the millionth time to a room … [Read more...]

Long Without a Tribe

+ACY-nbsp+ADs There must be others like me. Where are they? It took me more than three decades to even ask this question. The journey began on Father's Day, 1975, when I asked my dad if had ever been unfaithful to Mom. He'd always been a shameless flirter. I was 24. He stunned me by … [Read more...]

Finding My Tribe

It was a drizzly, cold day when I sat across the table from Laura Hall for the first time. Her sweet smile and welcoming nature did little to take the chill out of the drafty restaurant we occupied for more than three hours, but our hearts were warm and filled with the kind of kindred spirit that … [Read more...]

The Parts Now Seen

+ACY-nbsp+ADs It's hard to explain what it feels like to meet another 'kid' for the first time. A sea of uncontrolled questions usually flow out, +ACI-Did you know?+ACI +ACI-When did your dad come out?+ACI +ACI-Did he have boyfriends?+ACI +ACI-How about your mom?+ACI The past five years have been filled with these moments. The … [Read more...]

Meeting Others and #FindingCommunity

Have you ever met someone at a party and realized the two of you are addicted to the same random TV show that no one else watches but you? You then get so excited because you finally get to share all the pent up feelings you???ve had about that show and now get to discuss the intricate details of … [Read more...]