Gay Dad Kid Sisterhood

In the fall of 2014 I was struggling to find my footing. It had been eight months since my dad passed away and a plethora of feelings were surging. In early November I flew to Palm Springs to meet with my dad's partner of 16 years to help him clear out some of Dad's things. Jim had decided to sell … [Read more...]

I Will Be Your Family

Our topic this month is family. Before the election, I'd have written about my family of origin, friends from childhood, and supportive tribes of like-minded souls. Not today, though. The election has triggered too many feelings in me. I see the world through that filter right now. Bigotry in … [Read more...]

Dad’s Secret

There is a photo. It's my first Christmas. I am barely walking, and holding a giant red stocking, with a huge innocent smile on my face. My dad is sitting in front of the Christmas tree, reaching toward me. Grinning. It looks like a greeting card, like the perfect family. And if you didn't know my … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Alison: I don’t blame my dad (anymore)

THANK YOU for starting this project+ACEAIQ My mom died in 1988. My dad died in 2007. After his death we found evidence that he had been gay. It explained a lot about the weird relationship he and my mom appeared to have. It also explained a lot about the relationships I had tried to have with men... I … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Patsy: “I’m not sorry”

Dear Dad, If I can send a helium balloon into the universe each year on the day of your death, I figure I can send you an email also. The far-reaching tendrils of the internet just might have gotten to you by now. It has been over 19 years since I whispered goodbye in your ear and held your hand … [Read more...]