Resentment in Toronto

I should preface this post by saying that our trip to Toronto last week was not what I expected, although I do believe it was good. It's hard not to revert back to the upset and angst-y kid I once was when constantly thinking, talking about, and referencing that part of my life. Today progress is … [Read more...]

Falsetto’s cast questions: Michael Levinson as Jason (child)

We previously published 3 cast interviews about Acting Up's production of Falsettos: Eric Morin's thoughts on playing Whizzer (the gay lover), Stephen Patterson's thoughts on playing Marvin (gay father), and Glynis Ranney???s thoughts on playing Trina (straight spouse). Our last interview is for … [Read more...]

Falsetto’s cast questions: Eric Morin as Whizzer (Marvin’s lover)

Toronto watch out+ACE My dad and I are officially on our way+ACE We watch the show tomorrow (Sunday May 5) and lead a post show chat on Tuesday (May 7). If you are in Toronto come see the show on Tuesday and say hi after+ACE Previously we shared Glynis Ranney's thoughts on playing Trina, the straight … [Read more...]

Falsettos cast questions: Stephen Patterson as Marvin (gay father)

Falsettos opened last week in Toronto and I am really looking forward to seeing the show soon. My dad and I get to watch the show on Sunday (May 5) and lead a post show chat on Tuesday (May 7). I am super excited to see the musical and admittedly a bit nervous for the post show chat. What kinds of … [Read more...]

Faslettos cast interviews: Glynis Ranney as Trina (straight spouse)

In 1979, a married man (Marvin) leaves his wife (Trina) and son (Jason) for his male lover (Whizzer). Amidst a torrent of psychiatric consultations, bar mitzvah plans and a mysterious illness on the rise, can this foursome redefine what it means to be a family? Set against the backdrop of the sexual … [Read more...]