My Right to Write

I write for freedoms sake. I write to fully embrace my freedom of expression to freely express the anguish of the closet and the trauma of homophobia, on behalf of myself, my beloved father, and all others like him who were blocked from such freedom. I write because every human being is in theory … [Read more...]

#icangive: Transmitting my Family’s Experience

Times feel scary for many of us right now. Terrorism, violence, hate crimes, all amplified through their real-time dissemination on social media, keep us on edge. What can we do? For LGBT people who've lived with targets on their backs, times have generally felt scary. The slaying of 49 … [Read more...]

Dad’s Secret

There is a photo. It's my first Christmas. I am barely walking, and holding a giant red stocking, with a huge innocent smile on my face. My dad is sitting in front of the Christmas tree, reaching toward me. Grinning. It looks like a greeting card, like the perfect family. And if you didn't know my … [Read more...]

Parenting from the closet

When I picked up the phone that evening, I didn't hear??my father???s normally measured voice. Instead, it was loud and animated. +ACI-What is it, Dad???? The year was 1985. I hoped Jody, my 15-year-old daughter, was okay. She was spending a few weeks with her grandparents on the San Francisco … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Patsy: “I’m not sorry”

Dear Dad, If I can send a helium balloon into the universe each year on the day of your death, I figure I can send you an email also. The far-reaching tendrils of the internet just might have gotten to you by now. It has been over 19 years since I whispered goodbye in your ear and held your hand … [Read more...]