Listening To Other Mothers

I'm not always sure what words to use to when describing my relationship with my mother. Right now 'confusing' feels like the most accurate with 'strained' also feeling appropriate. On one hand I love my mother, I know she worked incredibly hard to make sure her children were raised with more … [Read more...]

My Mom and The Gay Dad Project

photo credit Buck Sommerkamp/ Alias Creative?? Last week The Gay Dad Project film crew came to interview my mom, who was in Kansas City visiting us for a long weekend. She was a bit apprehensive about being videotaped at first. She ended up doing incredibly well (maybe that glass of wine took the … [Read more...]

Faslettos cast interviews: Glynis Ranney as Trina (straight spouse)

In 1979, a married man (Marvin) leaves his wife (Trina) and son (Jason) for his male lover (Whizzer). Amidst a torrent of psychiatric consultations, bar mitzvah plans and a mysterious illness on the rise, can this foursome redefine what it means to be a family? Set against the backdrop of the sexual … [Read more...]

Share Your Story: Dayle

In hindsight, I realize my attraction to females started around the same time adolescence started. I became just as uncomfortable around the pretty girls as I was around the cute boys. I rationalized it at the time by calling it envy. I remember having a dream where I kissed a girl when I was … [Read more...]