Sisters From Other Gay Misters

I want to say meeting another person with a gay dad is like looking into a mirror, but even in a mirror I cannot properly see myself. It???s more like finding out your father has this other family and now you???re meeting relatives you did not know you had. You are different people with different … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to My Dad

+ACoAKg-As many of you may already know, my last post here generated some heated discussion in the comments. We eventually had to turn them off and delete many. Unfortunately, there were hurt feelings all around. What follows is a letter to my dad, whom I finally spoke with yesterday. I want to make this … [Read more...]

The Gay Dad Project: A Place for Families to Talk When a Parent Comes Out

My dad didn't officially 'come out' to me until I was in college. I figured out he was gay when I was in high school. Having a big gay elephant in my life meant I had to navigate tricky roads and walk fine lines for many years. photo credit I found myself wondering if people would hate me … [Read more...]