I Write Because It’s What I Know

I wrote my first story shortly after I learned how to write. By second grade, I was expressing my fears, my happiness and many of my experiences in the same way. It was clear what I was, a writer. I've always believed that everyone has their own gift to share with and bless the world. I have never … [Read more...]

Dear January, Better Than You Imagine

+ACY-nbsp+ADs Dear 17 year-old January, It will be better than you imagine. You???ve known for a few years now that your dad is gay. You aren???t sure what to think - you try to ignore it, hide it and live in shame. Mom and Dad??are just getting divorced, your world is a little crazy. Keep rolling … [Read more...]

Dad’s Secret

There is a photo. It???s my first Christmas. I am barely walking, and holding a giant red stocking, with a huge innocent smile on my face. My dad is sitting in front of the Christmas tree, reaching toward me. Grinning. It looks like a greeting card, like the perfect family. And if you didn???t know … [Read more...]

Share Your Story: Kristen

My story differs from those who have had a parent come out. My parents are divorced, but both of them are straight. My story's about a sibling coming out. It still affects the family dynamic, however, and that's important from any perspective. My younger sister came out to me when she was in … [Read more...]

Share Your Story Elizabeth Collins: True Understanding

I was 11. My mom drives me home from a friend's house. At home, there is a large moving truck outside. Me: What's going on? Mom: We're moving to Texas tonight. Me: Does dad know? Mom: No. Me: Can I call him? Mom: No. Photo I am infuriated. I love my dad so much. I know … [Read more...]