Who We Are

The Gay Dad Project is a community space for everyone to talk and share their experience.

This website in intended to be a place for conversation about families. WE ARE NOT EXCLUSIVE TO FAMILIES WITH GAY DADS. We aim to connect other children and families who are going through – or have gone through – having a parent come out as LGBTQ.

We hope everyone will feel comfortable sharing their story here, we see The Gay Dad Project as a place – for everyone – to talk and find comfort when a parent (or spouse) comes out.

Through open and respectful dialogue we hope to give visibility to families who have had a parent come out and create a safe space for conversation. We will assist in locating appropriate resources as we can but please keep in mind that we are still working to connect with resources and organizations ourselves. We are not licensed health professionals. We are simply kids who have been there, had the experience, and want to connect and share with others.