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Amie Shea

I was born in rural Montanato a gay dad and straight mom. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. During high school I knew my dad was gay but I was completely terrified to talk about it with anyone. During college I was able to open up more about having a gay dad but I still worried about the safety of my dad, our family, and what could or would happen if anyone in our small town found out our family secret.

I spent hours upon hours scouring bookstore after bookstore looking for books about kids (survivors) of parents where one parent was straight and one parent was gay. I wanted to know that I was not alone and I wanted to know that I was going to be ‘okay.’ I found books for children of divorce, books for spouses who were married to someone who was gay, and books for children of same-sex couples but resources about kids like me were sparse. I promised myself that one day I would do something so that no other kid had to feel as alone as I did.

It has not been an easy road but my hope is that The Gay Dad Project can help inspire and generate meaningful conversations about sexuality, marriage, family and what that means in the modern world. My parents stayed together (living in the same house and legally married) for 20+ years until all three of us kids were nearly grown. My parents began to live separately in 2007 and their divorce was final in 2009 so some of this process is still very fresh for our family.

It is my sincere hope that the Gay Dad Project will help fostermore acceptance and tolerance.

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